Dr. Justin F. Brunelle

List of Publications

  • External and Media Coverage
    1. MITRE KDE Podcast, September, 2019: Deciphering Business Process Innovation
    2. AFCEA Signal Magazine, January 2019: A More Comfortable Cloud: Interview and article
    3. MITRE Employee Voices Interview, August 2017: Interview and Video
    4. Stanford Press, June 2017: Zombies in the Archives
    5. MITRE Project Stories, March 2017: MITRE Fosters Agency Collaboration in the Brave New World of Technology
    6. MITRE Interns, January 2017: Location Is No Limitation for MITRE's STEM Summer Internships
    7. Recap of the CNU Pizza My Mind, September 26, 2016: What You Missed at Pizza My Mind
    8. Dorobek Insider Interview/Podcast, May 19, 2016: Answering your cloud computing questions
    9. MITRE in the News, May 19th, 2016: MITRE's Justin Brunelle Offers Insight into Government Cloud Computing
    10. MITRE Knowledge Driven Enterprise, February 4th, 2016: Ending Isolation and Building a Unified Team Across Distributed Sites
    11. Old Dominion University Athletic Foundation, September 28, 2015: Donor Spotlight
    12. Michael L. Nelson, Digital Preservation, July 2014: Assessing the Quality of Web Archives (ODU Digital Commons)
    13. Michael L. Nelson, Wolfram Data Summit, 2013: Who Will Archive the Archives? Thoughts About the Future of Web Archiving (ODU Digital Commons)
    14. Boys' Life, July 1999: Think & Grin