Dr. Justin F. Brunelle

I have found that an HTML version of my publications is an ineffective tracking method. Please refer to my Full CV for my list of publications. However, my external media coverage is listed below.

  • External and Media Coverage
    1. MITRE KDE Podcast, April, 2020: Justin Brunelle: Lessons from MITRE's Innovation Program
    2. MITRE KDE Podcast, September, 2019: Deciphering Business Process Innovation
    3. AFCEA Signal Magazine, January 2019: A More Comfortable Cloud: Interview and article
    4. MITRE Employee Voices Interview, August 2017: Interview and Video
    5. Stanford Press, June 2017: Zombies in the Archives
    6. MITRE Project Stories, March 2017: MITRE Fosters Agency Collaboration in the Brave New World of Technology
    7. MITRE Interns, January 2017: Location Is No Limitation for MITRE's STEM Summer Internships
    8. Recap of the CNU Pizza My Mind, September 26, 2016: What You Missed at Pizza My Mind
    9. Dorobek Insider Interview/Podcast, May 19, 2016: Answering your cloud computing questions
    10. MITRE in the News, May 19th, 2016: MITRE's Justin Brunelle Offers Insight into Government Cloud Computing
    11. MITRE Knowledge Driven Enterprise, February 4th, 2016: Ending Isolation and Building a Unified Team Across Distributed Sites
    12. Old Dominion University Athletic Foundation, September 28, 2015: Donor Spotlight
    13. Michael L. Nelson, Digital Preservation, July 2014: Assessing the Quality of Web Archives (ODU Digital Commons)
    14. Michael L. Nelson, Wolfram Data Summit, 2013: Who Will Archive the Archives? Thoughts About the Future of Web Archiving (ODU Digital Commons)
    15. Boys' Life, July 1999: Think & Grin