Dr. Justin F. Brunelle


My name is Justin F. Brunelle (@justinfbrunelle). I am a graduate of Old Dominion University in the Computer Science Program. I graduated from Ocean Lakes High School in 2004 and from ODU in 2008, 2010, and 2016.

I received my PhD under the direction of Dr. Michael Nelson. My dissertation (defense slides) studies JavaScript-dependent representations on the web and recommends a two-tiered crawling framework to help expose more of their information and embedded resources to crawlers. In the academic community, I am a regular contributor to internationally respected data, web, and library science conferences and journals. I also serve on the program committees of the same conferences.

My spare time is filled with ODU athletic events, pick-up basketball, water sports, and playing with my dog, wife, and son. I also like Ford vehicles and brewing beer in my garage.

Current Work:

I am currently working as a Lead Researcher at The MITRE Corporation in Hampton, VA. My work studies emerging technologies (e.g., cloud, mobile, big data, Internet of Things) in government domains. One of my primary roles is as the assistant J850 division Technical Integrator, responsible for assuring the quality and success of research proposals and efforts within MITRE's internal research program. Our department consists of over 300 employees and often submits over 100 proposals per yearly competition.

I am also active in the STEM community in the Hampton Roads area, mentor students at the high school and university levels, and collaborate with academics on research projects. I also am the chair of the Federal Cloud Summit and coordinate all of the Federal Technology Summits at MITRE.

Outside of MITRE, I am teaching as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at ODU.

My resume is accessible here, and my CV is available here.
I have several publications which can be viewed under the Publications link in the menu to the left.

A small list of research interests:
Web Sciences, Cloud Computing, emerging technologies, Digital Libraries, Information Retreival, Natural Language Processing, Big Data